Founded in late 2016 with the mission to create incredible light up shoes accessories, and clothing; Greg Michaels is set on the path to do just that.

Greg Michaels products are made with prime materials and are designed to scream elegance. Our designers meticulously toil to produce world class goods which are sometimes considered art but always considered stylish. Whether going to work or attending a party, Greg Michaels light up shoes will always be your most powerful statement.

Greg Michaels sets the standard in led sneakers with high-end translucent lights in every pair. Our lights ensure that every pair of shoes light up the room. Fashionable and trendy, Greg Michaels Toddlers, Kids, Womens or Mens Led shoes will embellish your favorite outfits. 

Don't let our words attempt to convince you, simply just wear one of our awesome Light Up Sneakers. 


The Greg Michaels Team

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