5 Great Outfits That Look Awesome with Your New Women’s Light Up Shoes

Once you get yourself a pair of Glidekicks, it would be up to you to decide how and when you’ll wear it and what you’ll wear it with. Going to a nighttime pool party? Show up in your LED shoes and a pretty bikini (just make sure not to get your shoes wet!). Need to buy milk and eggs but feeling a bit lazy? Just put on a T-shirt over your pajama bottoms, put on a Greg Michaels handbag, slide your feet into your Glidekicks light up shoes, and you’re all set.

But we know that most of you are buying a pair of led shoes because you want to look good and stand out from the crowd. Because of this, we’ve come up with some outfit ideas that will look fantastic with your new Greg Michaels handbag and a pair of women’s LED shoes. Here are some fashion tips to help you get started:

1. For casual trips to the mall

You can actually wear anything when you hit the mall but, if you want to look snazzy while shopping or getting a cup of coffee, it’s best to plan your outfit. If you’re feeling badass, for example, just put on a tank top with some skinny jeans and high top led kicks as well as our Rebecca envelope bag, and you’re good to go. If you want to exude a feminine vibe, you won’t go wrong with a flowy, floral-pattern skater dress with white low top shoes and you can set the lights to match the dress.

2. For concerts/rave parties/music festivals

Glidekicks light up led shoes

LED shoes with a Greg Michaels bag are actually a great choice for these music events since they help you contribute to the festive vibe while standing out from the crowd. There are numerous types of outfits to choose from, so pick one that reflects your mood and fits the event you’re going to. If you’re heading off to a rave party, for example, you’ll want to wear your LED shoes with a mini skirt or a fluffy tutu along with a crop top or a kandi bra with a Jessica wallet. If you’re going to a summer music festival, prepare for the hot weather and crowds of sweaty people by matching your light-up shoes with denim shorts and a loose, breezy blouse.

3. For clubbing/bar hopping

Glide kicks number one led shoes light up sneakers

Clubbing usually requires you to wear more formal clothing than what you’ll wear during rave parties and music festivals. Fortunately, these outfits can be still be casual enough for you to put on your favorite pair of light-up shoes! Pick a short dress and brighten it up with LED footwear with a Natalie bag that doubles as a clutch or, if you’re not up for it, go for dark skinny jeans and a clingy top.

4. Casual Fridays

greg michaels bag

Some say you cannot wear led sneakers to something formal, but casual Fridays are the perfect to put on an Isabelle tote with some black low top led shoes, just leave the lights off for now. Once work is over and you are at the bar or lounge with your coworkers, you can turn the lights on and be the center of attention. Let loose and show your coworkers you serious in the work room but still know how to have a good time!

5. For outdoor activities

LED shoes are great for exercising and playing outdoor sports, particularly if you do them at night. The mesh style keeps your feet cool and are very comfortable for running or playing with your kids no Greg Michaels bag required this tiem. If you’re going for a run at night, for example, slip into a comfy pair of running shorts and a sports bra or athletic top then throw on a lightweight jacket to keep the cold out. Put on your LED shoes to make yourself visible to motorists while your out jogging away.

These are just some of the outfits that look awesome with your new light-up shoes & Greg Michaels bag. Experiment with your clothes to come up with more outfits that will make you feel fabulous.

Greg Michaels Top Guide to being Fashionably Awesome

Greg Michaels is not your Handbag, our purses are a lifestyle choice. The soft leather and quilted styles with chains put you ahead of the fashion curve. These handbags are worn by the most elite fashionistas. They are worn by the trendsetters, the women that earn your respect instantly when they walk through the door and earn the right to be fashionably amazing.

Greg Michaels Wendy Handbag Beige Leather with tassle and hanging emblem
Greg Michaels Wendy Handbag Beige Leather with tassle and hanging emblem
Greg Michaels Natalie in White Real Nappa Leather Shoulder Purse Handbag 
Greg Michaels Natalie in White Real Nappa Leather Shoulder Purse Handbag

There are tons of reasons why you should wear one of our sexy leather purses. Designer handbags in general have always been the first item that shows off who you really are and your personality.  We wear them to make a statement. They are there to separate you from the crowd, make you feel luxurious like the feeling you get after getting that manicure or your hair done from your favorite salon. They make you feel pampered and stylish. Hopefully you wont mind the jealous looks you’ll get wearing a Greg Michaels purse.

You no longer have to overpay for  a leather carryall or shoulder bag designed to fit your needs and standards. Making items created with the utmost respect and love for fashion is what we are all about, oh and don’t let us forget affordable!

Greg Michaels Wendy Soft Nappa Leather Shoulder Purse Handbag
Greg Michaels Wendy Soft Nappa Leather Shoulder Purse Handbag

Greg Michaels keeps a very limited inventory per style and introduces new styles rapidly so you don’t have to worry about someone else having the same bag as you. We feel you are unique and your handbag should be catered to your needs. We want you to feel exclusive as if the handbag was built only for you and no one else.

The Brand New Signature Wallet Clutches by Greg Michaels

Greg Michaels Wallet Clutch Pink Jessica Handbag Purse

The Jessica clutch is among the latest Greg Michael’s wallets introduced this season.  The Jessica comes in five different colors, pretty in pink, chocolate brown, mint green, navy blue and classic black.  Made from 100%  genuine saffiano leather, this clutch is a must-have for this upcoming winter; a perfect carrying case that can easily fit credit cards, your phone and other essentials, as well as fits comfortably around your wrist with the ease of a removable wrist band! Jessica’s interior is covered with our signature linen, includes neatly placed leather sleek card holders and pockets to emphasize the convenience and functionality of our newest clutch. The Jessica makes a unique and thoughtful gift for the jet-setter looking for a classic understated clutch that adds a hint of sweetness to any attire!

Buy The Jessica Greg Michaels Wallet Clutch Purse

Greg Michaels Designer Hannah and Wendy Leather Functional Totes

You girls have probably seen this problem all too often. You put your keys, money, or credit cards in your purse or tote and like magic when you’re looking for them they have seemed to disappear; nowhere to be found! Yet about five minutes later after being frustrated and embarrassed they pop back up. After saying sorry five times to the person behind you at the checkout line or freezing by the entrance of your house door you wonder why can’t pocketbooks come with more pockets. Here at Greg Michaels we have solved this age old problem. We now offer a selection of beautiful leather handbags and totes that are not only awesome but serve a functional purpose!

Greg Michaels Hannah Leather functional tote


Not only will you never lose your keys again but this is the perfect bag for EVERYTHING! How you keep yourself so organized will be our little secret. If you crave one of the most sophisticated handbags around with a purpose, look no further. Oh and we hope you like compliments, but most will just pass you by with looks of envy.

Greg Michaels Designer Leather Functional Handbag tote Greg Michaels Designer Leather Functional royal blue tote Greg Michaels Designer Leather Functional tote beige hannah Greg Michaels Designer Leather Functional tote hannah quilted Greg Michaels Designer Leather Functional Handbag hannah quilted Greg Michaels Designer Leather Functional Handbag Hannah black Greg Michaels Designer Leather Functional Handbag black Greg Michaels Designer Leather Functional Handbag


To buy click handbags above click Greg Michaels

The Future 2015 Collection of Shoes Footwear Heels Boots Flats by Greg Michaels

blue flats ballet shoes by Greg Michaels

We’re incredibly serious about becoming a lifestyle brand and while encompassing all the products within the clothing industry takes time; we wanted to tackle genuine leather handbags and crystal jewelry first. We’re almost complete on those two fronts but many of our customers have been screaming for some footwear!

Heels Real leather Boots Designer Brand

No brand out there is complete with a shiny collection of flats, heels, boots, and more! We at Greg Michaels have some lovely sample styles to show you gals out there that we’re really developing the collection and doing it seriously. Check out our real leather heeled black boots or our genuine leather black boots below.

Black womens boots designer branded by Greg Michaels

Our designer branded flats are definitely the way to go. We’re planning to introduce genuine leather standard flats and ballet flats which we know you’ll go crazy over. Check out our two flat styles here and we promise we’ll improve way beyond all this. These flats go great with any pair of jeans or yoga pants. Stay Tuned loyal fans!!

Flat Designer Real Leather Footwear Greg Michaels

The Annette Gold Plated Engraved Bracelet Accessory by Greg Michaels

Annette Gold Plated Bracelet

Check out the newest addition to our jewelry collection: the Annette bangle.  Beginning in 5000 BC, Egyptians were one of the first to popularize gold jewelry, as it symbolized beauty, royalty, and spirituality, a concept that has remained throughout centuries. The Annette gold plated bracelet is worn with a powerful statement; it can be paired with a variety of looks, from evening wear to cool casual, this piece will add a rich and feminine touch to any outfit.  The Annette bracelet is gold plated with finely engraved floral outlines, precisely repeated about its golden curvature.  The perfect gift to a loved one… a simple and timeless accessory.

The Natasha Shoulder Bag Signature Chain Genuine Suede Purse

Greg Michaels Shoulder Bag Purse Handbag

Introducing the Natasha shoulder bag by Greg Michaels; made from all genuine black cowhide suede, this particular handbag is perfect for any occasion, celebrate a sexy night out with the girls and watch heads turn…A classic style that matches every outfit!

Suede Black Purse Clutch Handbag Greg Michaels

Greg Michaels has created a collection of functional, quality suede and leather handbags for the tasteful and elegant woman. The signature chain stitching reflects Greg Michaels’s unique style that its creative designers work to achieve . A perfect gift for the holidays, the Natasha is small enough to fit as a clutch yet big enough for every girl’s essentials.  It features a suede shoulder strap that allows for comfortable handling and functionality.

Greg Michaels Handbag Purse Clutch Shoulder Bag Black

The holiday season is just around the corner! Brace the winter chill with a rich colored, quality handbag that’s sophisticated and fun. Whether it be your next date or cocktail party, make a statement with a bold and chic chained finish.

Our Functional Handbag Hannah Tote Interior in Black by Greg Michaels

Hannah Tote Saffiano Leather Greg Michaels

Check out our branded inner lining inside of our brand new awesome hannah tote in black. Produced by incredibly high quality saffiano leather this bag will become your best friend. It will fit your laptop, phone, sunglasses, water bottle, books, and more in a safe and stable manner. No more spilling water or staring into the emptiness of a black hole bag!

This awesome Greg Michaels purse is designed for work, play, and general usefulness. The Hannah tote handbag will be available for purchase by November 30th and will come in numerous colors such as black, white, and navy blue.

This particular purse will be our introduction into the functional handbag space but we’re already launching another two stylish purses with similar aspects!

Greg Michaels Official Launch November 30th

 Greg Michaels is hard at work giving the world a new look at trendy. Our production team is using world class leathers and designs to bring you the some of our reinvented classic bags as well as completely new trends. Greg Michaels productionwallet